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  • GitHub Action

    The Inclusiveness Analyzer is a GitHub action that checks your repository for exclusive content, while suggesting more inclusive language you can use instead. This can be used by any of your repositories on GitHub!

  • Azure DevOps Extension

    Learn how to add the Inclusiveness Analyzer extension to your Azure DevOps Organization and benefit from the automated detection of non-inclusive terms that could make their way into your application and your docs.

  • NuGet Package

    The Inclusiveness Analyzer can be added to any C# project. Just install using NuGet and start writing code. The extension will be automatically loaded in Visual Studio for anyone that opens your project. Using the NuGet package is best when you are working on a project with a team.

  • Visual Studio Extension

    If you would like the Inclusiveness Analyzer to run on any Visual Studio Project, you can install the extension directly into Visual Studio.